6P45S – EL-519 – 6KG6 Svetlana


6P45S -EL-519 – 6KG6 used tested NOS Strong Svetlana military tubes.

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Used Military surplus Russian 6P45S Tetrodes. Substitute for 6KG6 or EL-519 . All test as NOS and come with our no questions asked 30-day guarantee. The photos do not do justice. The tubes are not cosmetically pristine but test perfectly under load in a KLV-1000.

Name 6P45S
Type Output beam tetrode
Application Application in output stages of TV scan modules
Cathode type oxide,indirect heating
Envelope glass
Mass,g 140
Filament voltage,V 6,3
Filament current,A 2,3-2,7
Anode voltage,V 50
Anode current,A 0,8 in pulse
Anode power,W 35
Grid1 voltage,V minus 10
Grid2 voltage,V 175
Reverse grid current,uA 2